Reyes Rios + Larrain
The Reyes Ríos + Larrain Studio of Architecture and Design is based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Founded by Architect Salvador Reyes Ríos and artist Josefina Larraín Lagos, their award-winning work has established a standard for architectural heritage refurbishment and restoration in Mexico. Some of the former colonial mansions and haciendas in the state of the Yucatan Peninsula and other places in Mexico, have been converted to luxury design-hotels and private homes keeping both, the original personality of the buildings and the local character of the place.

In addition to its restoration - refurbishment projects, the reyesrios + larrain arquitectos Studio has executed numerous contemporary designs, such as private homes, private housing and some public buildings for civic and cultural purposes. The Studio is also known for their furniture and interior design, as well as environmentally sustainable landscaping design that completes their architectural projects.

Its work has gained both, nation-wide and international visibility. In 2017 Arquine editor published two editions (English and Spanish) of the book “Place, Matter and Belonging” the first monography of the Studio´s work.

From conceptual design stages, through construction and the experimentation with local materials in search of a new definition of regional contemporary architecture, the Studio is involved in every aspect of an integral process of realization. Services include architectural and design solutions to clients from abroad Mexico, providing long-distance project management, cost accounting and construction supervision to ensure each project remains on schedule and within budget.

As part of its philosophy, the Studio is composed of both, senior and young talented and motivated small staff of architects, in order to provide an intensive and integral vision of the professional practice. Our commitment is to provide a high personalized attention to any client.

The founders believe that the ultimate mission of design (as a discipline that accomplishes Architecture) is to improve the quality of life for the users, with a positive impact on the sites in terms of sustainability and cultural reinforcement.
Salvador Reyes
Salvador received degrees as Industrial Technician from the National Polytechnical Institute (IPN 1984) and Architect from the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM 1988). From 1996 to 2000, he studied a master’s degree in Design and obtained the titles of Urban Specialization and Conservation of Historic Buildings from the same university.

Dedicated to the general coordination of planning – developing and execution of architectural projects, Salvador is also dedicated to project management of his own design’s realization, which includes furniture design, lighting design and interior design. He was a partner of the last urban workshop established by the well-known Mexican architect, Mario Pani (1990-1992). He was also corporate Associate Director of Grupo Plan (1996-2000) and CEO of A+I Engineers and Architects S.A. (2001-2003).

His work in architecture includes restoration and remodeling projects of historic properties, design of private residences, public buildings equipped for social activities, as well as public and private buildings dedicated to tourism and culture in Mexico and abroad. He has published articles, prologues, and other works in national architecture books and magazines, as well as books about Mexican and international design from editors of Mexico, U.S.A. and Germany.

He has received the National Grant from the National Fund for Culture and Arts for Young Creatives of Mexico in 1991; the " Alberto J. Pani " first prize award in Architectural Composition from UNAM (1988), as well as medals of academic merit granted by the Metropolitan University of Mexico City (1989) and the National Polytechnical Institute of Mexico (1984). In 2015 he was granted with the medal as distinguished graduate from the UAM.

Professor of design at the Universidad Marista of Merida (2010-2018) as well as UAM-Azcapotzalco (1989-2001); professor for the master´s degree program in sustainable design for historical buildings at the Universidad Modelo of Merida (2011-2014) and thesis director and post-graduated program´s coordinator for the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (1995-1997). He was a sponsor of Mexico City’s College of Architects and a public works appraiser for Mexico State (1989-2000). Member of the Patronato Paseo de Montejo and coordinator of its technical group of professionals (2010-2012). Current member of the Colegio Yucateco de Arquitectos A.C.

In 2001, he founded the Reyes-Ríos + Larrain studio with Josefina Larrain, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico where he lives since 1996.

His work has gained both, nation-wide and international visibility. In 2013, the Phaidon Atlas of World Contemporary Architecture included two of their works: "CASA SISAL" and "HACIENDA BACOC". Arquine editor published two editions (English and Spanish) of the book “Place, Matter and Belonging” the first monography of the Studio´s work in 2017.
Josefina Larrain
Self-taught artist and designer, experienced in restoration, landscape design, interior design, sculpture restoration and renovation of historic buildings.

She grew up in Germany, where she studied Philosophy and soon moved (1988) to New York, where she resided for several years while collaborating in the workshop of Paul Fullerton as a sculpture assistant. In addition, she helped to produce numerous short films designed by Nicki de Saint Phalle and produced by her son Philip Mathews.

Later in Miami, she worked on the restoration of mural paintings and sculptures for historic buildings, such as Vizcaya, the water tower of Coral Gables and the Biltmore Hotel.

In 1990, she acquired the state of an old henequen hacienda in the southeast of México and converted it into her private residence. Following this, she was led to the restoration of several other haciendas in Yucatán, where she became a permanent resident since 1995.

Among others, she was partner and co-director of a plantation dedicated to the production and commercialization of hybrid coconuts (1994-1996). Along with Salvador Reyes Ríos, she is founder / partner of the Reyes-Ríos + Larrain design studio in Mérida Yucatán.

Since 2010 she has been board member and President of the CEDIDOWN foundation, dedicated to provide therapies and social networking assistance for Down Syndrome children and kids.
Studio Team

As part of its philosophy, the Studio is composed of both, senior and young talented small staff of architects.

Josefina and Salvador recognize the following individuals that have been part of our team, for their valuable collaboration and commitment to the principles of good design and architecture:

Studio team

• Gabriel Konzevik Cabib (Project Partner)

• Oscar Ferreira Da Costa (Associated Architect) (Portugal)

• Andrea Leticia Magaña Vallejo

• Andrea Cecilia Guillot Marín

• Itzayana Lagunes Suárez

• Daniela Ricalde Mangas

Past collaborators

• Andrés Sáenz Coral

• Alejandro Carrillo Olguín

• Magda Gamboa Herrera

• Daniel Aguilar Mendoza

• Carlos Patrón Ibarra

• Alma Delgadillo Vela

• Juan Carlos Galván

• David Mir Gil (Spain)

• Zaida Briceño

• Orlando Franco Carrillo

• Ana Long Iriarte (Uruguay)

• Maroua Chaouechi (Tunisia)

• Carla Cantagallo Rodríguez (Venezuela)

• Aline Aumont (France)

• Mayra Coral Villegas

• Andrea Cárdenas Arceo

• Javier Sánchez Román

• Fernanda Martínez Hernández

• Elizabeth Amparan Valdez

• Berenice Barroso Quiab

• Tomás Rodríguez Rojas (Chile)

• Nery González A.

• Jorge Simoni (Argentina)

• Lorena Medina Reyes

• Alba Balam Canché

• Gabriela Carrera Pérez

• Cinthia Piña Morales

• Leticia Aracely Canto Ceballos

• Young Clarisa Moon Barajas

• Antonio Sánchez Ríos

• Citlali Vázquez Mendoza

• Carlos Fleischer Cervantes

• Fabiola Ovando Allende

• Jorge Arias Olaiz

• Alejandro Estrada Rojas

• Tania Zapata Alviso

• Marina Tadeo Fernández

• Mariana Ríos Cabello


• Sarita Calle Serrano (Colombia)

• Beatrice Loda (Italy)

• Roberto Beauregard Rodríguez

• Karen Estrada Martínez

• Yoshimi Horiuchi

• Nanna Asboe (Denmark)

• Francois Cottier (France)

• Pauline Samama (France)

• Elora Desreumaux (France)

• Francisco Villegas (Colombia)

• Leeloo Paveau Tardieu (France)