Salvador Reyes Ríos


Salvador received his degree in architecture from the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM) in 1988. He received his masters degree in design and obtained the titles of Urban Specialization and Conservation of Real Assets (1996-1998) from the same university.

Dedicated to developing, consulting and directing the construction of architectural projects, his work includes  furniture design and graphic design. He was a partner of the last urban workshop established by the well-known Mexican architect, Mario Pani (1990-1992). He was corporate Associate Director of Grupo Plan (1996-2000) and General Director of A+I Engineers and Architects S.A. (2001-2003).

His work in architecture includes restoration and remodeling projects of historic properties, design of private residences, public buildings equipped for social activities, and public and private buildings dedicated to tourism and culture. From 1996 to 2000 he was restoration director and associate architect of six development projects for Grupo Plan, converting henequen haciendas located in Yucatan (Temozón Sur, Santa Rosa, Itzincab Cámara, San Pedro Ochil, San José Cholul) and Campeche (Uayamón) into luxury hotels.

He has published articles, prologues, and other works in national architecture books and magazines, as well as books about Mexican and international design (U.S. and Germany). In 1988, he receive the "Alberto J. Pani" first prize award in Architectural Composition from UNAM. In 1991, he won the National Scholarship from the National Fund for Culture and Arts for Young Creatives. He also received medals of merit granted by the National Polytechnic Institute (1984) and Metropolitan University of Mexico City (1989). He obtained an ASINEA Diploma in Teaching from Valle de Mexico University (1996). He received honorable mentions at both Mexican Architecture biennales (2004, 2006) where he participated. He has been professor of design at the Azcapotzalco UNAM (1989-2000) and thesis director and matriculation coordinator for the Mexico State U.V.M. campus (1995-1997). He was a sponsor of Mexico City’s College of Architects and a public works appraiser for Mexico State (1989-2000).

In 2000, he founded the Reyes-Rios+Larrain studio with Josefina Larrain, where they have completed works of restoration, remodeling, landscaping, furniture design and interior design for historic haciendas and mansions converted to luxury hotels, as well as modern private residences.

In 2011 he recibes the "XX CEMEX BUILDING AWARD" International chapter, for his "CASA SISAL" design. Along with Josefina Larrain, he won the "AD ICONOS DE DISEÑO" Award from Architectural Digest Mexico for both, "HACIENDA BACOC" and "ROSAS & XOCOLATE" Boutique Hotel. This work was also selected as finalst for "HOTEL OF THE YEAR INTERNATIONAL AWARD" from World Architecture News.

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